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The Jeanne d'Arc maternity unit moves to the Clinique Les Orchidées

All of the activities of the Jeanne d'Arc Clinic oriented towards gynecology-obstetrics with level 2A maternity, neonatology, as well as Medical Aid to Procreation (MAP Center of the Port), is transferred to the Clinique Les Orchidées as of January 16, 2023 within the new Women-Family-Fertility Unit. This in-depth reorganization of the 2 clinics located in the town of Le Port develops and improves the health structure of the West zone. By bringing together on a single site all the care offers of the 2 clinics, the CLINIFUTUR Health Group maintains its desire to offer users a high-tech technical platform and to optimize care.

As a reminder, the clinic is involved in several labels: “Maternys” for the benefit of benevolence and good treatment by the CNGOF, and Lieux de Santé Sans Tabac. It strongly supports an eco-responsible policy through its actions: works, purchases, but also consumer products such as washable diapers available for Maternity patients. As a result, she is one of the winners of the first 1000 days, in favor of child health. It also works against the precarious situation of pregnant women and their newborns by offering Permanence of Access to Health Care (perinatal PASS).


The transfer from the Clinique Jeanne d'Arc located in Rue Alsace Lorraine, to the Clinique Les Orchidées at 30 avenue Lénine, a distance of 1 kilometer by vehicle, represents less than 5 minutes of travel. It is in a new more spacious, contemporary Maternity Unit whose environmental impact is minimized that the professionals are preparing to welcome patients and future newborns.

The maternity unit will be delivered on January 16 and will see its capacity gradually increase with 5 additional places at the beginning of February to reach 36 hospital beds thanks to the renovation of the current and adjacent rooms on the ground floor. The service has single and double rooms, but also family rooms with parental bed that can accommodate the second parent under conditions. In addition to the cesarean section, the 3 delivery rooms are maintained and by the end of January, patients will also be able to opt for a physiological delivery in maximum comfort and serenity in the preparation for labor and delivery in a nature room which will be equipped with a bathtub, a dedicated bed and a medical bed if necessary. The mother-to-be will thus be able to relax and experience childbirth in a calmer, less medical environment, without compromising on the safety of care.

For newborns concerned by neonatology, the "incubator" cradles are maintained at 6 places and are equipped to ensure care.

The different sectors are located on the ground floor of the Clinique Les Orchidées near the new reception of the clinic reception (on the right), and overlook a patio reserved for the service, green and relaxing in the center of the city of Port. The Center for Medical Assistance to Procreation will also be transferred to the Clinique Les Orchidées.


Patients and accompanying persons will be taken care of in better conditions, whether in the medical field or in the hotel sector. From 8 a.m. on January 16, the activity of the Jeanne d'Arc Clinic will stop and will no longer accept patients, the latter will be directed directly to the Clinique Les Orchidées where a medical and paramedical team will be present to ensure their support.

In the event of an emergency arriving directly at Joan of Arc, the gynecologist present will assess the situation for either immediate care on the site where professionals will be available, or a transfer to Les Orchidées or to an appropriate structure.

Concerning hospitalized patients and their baby(ies) on Joan of Arc, the organization of the transfer will take place from 8:30 a.m. and this, throughout the day under safe conditions, via a private ambulance, the SMUR can be requested if necessary. The complete closure of the Jeanne d'Arc Clinic will take place the same day, January 16 at 7 p.m. Users will still be able to contact the telephone line of the midwifery office at 0262 42 88 17, the number remaining unchanged and transferred to Les Orchidées in order to continue care.

2022 key figures:

  • More than 70 doctors
  • 200 employees
  • 927 deliveries
  • 482 newborns in neonatology
  • 455 patients in pathological pregnancy
  • 870 IVF

Services offered:

  • sex therapy sessions,
  • tobacco specialist consultations and smoking cessation assistance,
  • micronutrition consultation,
  • special follow-up for obesity or overweight,
  • hypno-natal,
  • osteopathic care,
  • socio-aesthetic care,
  • washable diapers...


After more than 5 years of work strongly impacted by the health crisis, the Women-Family-Fertility center is accessible to the population of the West sector in new premises and on a completely renovated site with several disciplines (surgery, chemotherapy, care Unscheduled…).

The geographical merger of the two clinics Jeanne d'Arc and Les Orchidées, supported by the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR and SOFIPAR, allows the maintenance of the quality of care and highlights the excellence of the technical and human resources, with professionals who also observe an improvement in their working conditions and their quality of life through the layout, equipment and configuration of the premises, but also the accessibility of the dedicated 254-space car park and support in the use of alternative modes of transport to the car.

The Management warmly thanks the professionals, who mobilized and made the transfer of the Clinique Jeanne d'Arc possible. It is a book steeped in history that is closing and a new one that is starting to be written, with all our professionals, but also all the actors contributing to the healthcare offer in the area, not to mention the patients who trust us.

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