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Follow-up care specialized in Addictology

The follow-up care and rehabilitation service offers you flexible support according to your needs around behaviors with substance (Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis/Zamal, Medicine, Cocaine,…) or without (Games, Sports,…).

Support for quitting or reducing smoking is systematically offered with the prescription of nicotine substitutes and appropriate medical monitoring.

Different care pathways are offered to support the patient according to his needs. Prior to the “addictology” and “reinforcement of change” pathways, a contract is established between you and the care team. It sets the objectives of your hospitalization and its conditions:

Department of medicine in addictology

It welcomes patients in full hospitalization in order to prevent complications related to withdrawal from psychoactive and toxic substances.

A bio-psycho-social assessment is carried out when the patient enters and makes it possible to adapt the care to the patient's needs, taking into account the risk factors: poly-drug use, significant comorbidities, etc.

The SSR service offers individualized multidisciplinary support around individual and collective activities.

Motivational week

This optional 1-week course focused on reflection gives you the time you need to precisely define the objectives you want to achieve and the means to achieve them (controlled consumption, abstinence, etc.).

Memory route

This specific 5-week course is dedicated to people with cognitive disorders (memory disorders) requiring an individual rehabilitation process in conjunction with a Neuropsychologist.

Addiction course

This 2-week course will make you join a therapeutic group with which you will follow information and training on addictions in order to better understand and act on your disease.

Reinforcement of change course

This optional course of 1 to several weeks allows you to continue the work started in order to achieve your change objectives. The workshops you attend depend on your needs.

Therapeutic education

The clinic deploys a Therapeutic Patient Education program ETP called "Dynamic and Systemic Approach to Addictology" and authorized by the ARS since 2011. Prior to the "addictology" and "reinforcement of change" courses, a contract is established between the patient and the care team. It sets the objectives of the hospitalization and its conditions as well as the planning of workshops and individual follow-ups for the patient.

Our establishment concerned by this speciality: Robert Debré Clinic

Tobacco withdrawal

Sainte-Clotilde Clinic

The national health strategy and the Priorité Prévention plan make the fight against tobacco a leading public health priority. To respond to the regional health situation related to tobacco consumption, ARS La Réunion has chosen the fight against tobacco as a regional priority, shared with its partners and has initiated a regional tobacco reduction program (P2RT) by mobilizing actors concerned.

It is in this policy that the Clinique Sainte-Clotilde subscribed, starting by dedicating a period of consultations per week to smoking cessation in the Mother-Child Center of the Clinique Sainte-Clotilde in 2017. This period allows weekly follow-up and weaning support for women wishing to become pregnant, pregnant and also for those accompanying them.

Quite naturally, new services have been included in this priority. In 2020, it was the Cardiology department which, in turn, set up a time slot devoted to tobacco consultations per week for hospitalized patients or outpatients, and also followed a time slot integrated into the Bariatric Surgery program in the course of care.

The main objective is to take advantage of hospitalization in order to improve the health of the smoking patient and to offer him a smoking cessation approach before and during his stay in the establishment. In 2020, more than 350 maternity patients have already been made aware by our tobacco specialist, including 102 patients who have registered for the weaning process. Of these 102 patients, 76% quit smoking completely during pregnancy.

In order to go even further, the Clinique Sainte-Clotilde is part of the “Health Places Without Tobacco” approach from 2020. For this, a tobacco control and prevention establishment strategy has been developed aimed at users and professionals through predefined actions. The establishment's smoking personnel are therefore fully concerned by this process of quitting smoking, in particular through awareness-raising, UPR, by access to internal training and support proposals for help with weaning in connection with Occupational Medicine.

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Les Orchidées clinic

Since 2013, the maternity department and then the bariatric surgery department have offered weaning assistance consultations with a tobacco specialist. Since 2021 and with the support of the ARS, this support has now been extended to all services, including the specialist consultation service. Thus, all patients followed at the clinic can now benefit from this care free of charge. These are patients seen in consultation by clinic specialists or hospitalized patients, including outpatients. They can be monitored, free of charge, throughout their withdrawal until they stop smoking.

The clinic has been aware of this problem for years. The ease and accessibility of weaning aids are key success factors. She decided to expand access in the fight against tobacco. It has therefore set up a consultation day on Wednesdays, within the Vanilla Service, for this purpose. Access is either by addressing doctors or clinic departments to the Tabacologist, or by making direct appointments with patients.

In addition, the clinic is also part of the “Health Places Without Tobacco” approach: Smoking staff are concerned by this approach through awareness-raising workshops, training and support proposals for smoking cessation.

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