Doctors / Clinics



Care professions

Endoscopy agent (H/F)

Sterilization agent (H/F)

Hospital service agent (H/F)

Nursing assistant (H/F)

Social service assistant (H/F)

Childcare assistant (H/F)

Stretcher bearer (H/F)

Dietitian (H/F)

APA teacher (adapted physical activity) (H/F)

Occupational therapist (H/F)

State-certified nurse (IDE) (M/F) and his specializations: anesthesia (IADE) ), operating room (IBODE), childcare (IPDE), addictology, psychiatry

Masseur-physiotherapist (M/F) (H/F)

Addictologist doctor (H/F)

Anesthetist doctor (H/F)

DIM Doctor (H/F)

Geriatrician doctor (H/F)

Oncologist doctor (H/F)

Neuropsychologist (H/F)

Speech therapist (H/F)

Pharmacist (H/F)

Pharmacy assistant (H/F)

Psychiatrist (H/F)

Psychologist (H/F)

Psychomotor therapist (H/F)

Head of care (H/F)

Midwife (H/F)

The support professions

Purchasing and Logistics


Finance (accounting, management control, invoicing)

Medical Information

Quality, Risk Management

Human Resources and Payroll

Secretariat / Assistantship

Works, Maintenance and Upkeep

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