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Why joining us?

With our experience of more than 30 years in health, and federated around 14 approved care establishments in Reunion and Mayotte, our health group ranks among the top 10 French private hospitalization groups.

Referent in terms of care and health, our establishments bring together many centers of excellence: Obstetrics, Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, Interventional Cardiology, Medically Assisted Reproduction, Medical and rehabilitation care, Addictology, Dialysis, Unscheduled Care.

As a key player in public health, we are committed to serving the local population on a daily basis.

Our proactive positioning as a leader in innovation and clinical research, our desire to always renew ourselves, and the quality of care have earned us regular rankings in national rankings.

Actively committed to a policy of Social and Environmental Responsibility in the face of the challenges of sustainable development, our actions place people at the heart of our values: quality of care, accessibility for all, the human dimension and control of our impact on the environment.

Thus, the essence of the group is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • USERS: respect and quality of life for patients and their families, ethics based on transparency and informed consent of patients, protection of public health, rigorous management, promotion of specialties
  • EMPLOYEES: development of human resources while respecting gender equality, constant search for excellence and innovation, staff progression, improvement of the quality of life and working conditions, collective improvement process keep on going
  • INSTITUTIONAL: partnership with the entire hospital and medical network, for the benefit of continuity of care Joining our teams made up of more than 210 practitioners and nearly 2,000 employees will allow you to embody our human dimension, where the patient is at the heart of the course of care in a requirement of know-how. Discover our establishments located on the intense island and the perfume island.

Discover our clinics located on the intense island and the perfume island

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