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Maternity, neonatology and obstetrics gynecology

Our maternities in Reunion

Two clinics of Clnifutur Health Group support you in your maternity journey.

    • The Clinique Sainte-Clotilde, located in the town of Saint-Denis with its Mother-Child Center (gynecology-obstetrics and neonatology activity)
    • The Clinique Les Orchidées, located in the town of Le Port, which concentrates gynecology-obstetrics, neonatology, but also fertility activities with the Center for Medical Aid to Procreation of the Port.

Clinique Sainte-Clotilde maternity

In addition to the management of pregnancy and childbirth, several services are offered:

In order to make the maternity stay more pleasant:

      • Attention is paid to the selection of menus offered “gourmet moments“,
      • The ÔCalm room, inspired by the Comme À La Maison concept, will allow you to offer a cozy nest for the arrival of baby. To find out more, click here

Our maternity unit is labeled by the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF), with the aim of promoting well-treatment in care, improving the reception of women, working with teams attentive to women's consent, meeting the demand demedicalization and women's autonomy.

My consultations

Our team of gynecologists provides pregnancy follow-up (in an external office or at the clinic):

  • 1 gynecologist from the team will be your maternity referent (mandatory consultation at the end of pregnancy in case of follow-up with the midwife, your doctor or other gynecologist)
  • Anesthesia appointment to be scheduled from 32 SA (Week of Amenorrhea): 0262 48 21 10

Stakeholders at your disposal, according to your needs:

The entire Mother-Child Center team is present to meet your needs and those of your child on a medical and relational level:

  • obstetrician-gynecologists
  • anesthesiologists
  • pediatricians
  • executives
  • the midwives (pink outfit)
  • nurses and childcare workers (green outfit)
  • childcare assistants and nursing assistants (blue outfit)
  • the secretaries
  • the lactation consultant

Other professionals intervene at the request of the team:

  • medical specialists (cardiologist, diabetologist, etc.)
  • the psychologist
  • the social worker
  • the dietitian
  • the physiotherapist

The stay:

The rooms:

With 1 or 2 beds with bathroom, baby area (for newborn care), adjustable air conditioning, television, telephone and refrigerator.
It is possible to request a single room but the allocation is based on availability. Single rooms are equipped with an accompanying bed (accompanying adults only).
The ÔCalm private room, inspired by the Comme A La Maison concept, is a completely renovated room, designed for your greatest comfort, in a modern environment and with neat decoration.


If your baby requires close monitoring (prematurity, phototherapy, etc.), the neonatology team will take care of it. You can come to your child day or night. Your presence is essential.

Consult the Passport of the Clinique Sainte-Clotilde Mother-Child Center

To book an appointment, follow the link: Appointments -

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Clinique Les Orchidées Maternity


The Woman Family Fertility Unit of Les Orchidées Clinic brings together 4 areas of activity:

  • Level 2A maternity, certified by the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians
  • Outpatient gynecological surgery
  • The PMA (Medically Assisted Procreation) within the Center for Medical Assistance to Procreation of the Port. Website:
  • Neonatology with its cradles and “Kangourou” rooms (mother-child rooms).

Our maternity unit is labeled by the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF), with the aim of promoting well-treatment in care, improving the reception of women, working with teams attentive to women's consent, meeting the demand demedicalization and women's autonomy, To know more

The workshops of the Women-Family-Fertility Center

To make an appointment, contactJessica CHOURAQUI, midwife : 0692 25 54 91.

My consultations

The maternity ward offers consultations carried out by obstetrician-gynecologists and midwives in the maternity ward as well as in independent practices.

Prenatal interview: personalised support, birth plan

A midwife will be on hand to provide you with information about the clinic, to discuss your birth plans and any psychological, social or financial difficulties you may be experiencing.  She will suggest solutions tailored to your situation during pregnancy, show you around the maternity unit during a tour of the premises, and provide you with access to the Maternys platform.

Contact the midwife responsible for the care pathway on Contact details for the midwife consultation at Clinique Les Orchidées

Midwife consultation and file opening

As part of your pregnancy monitoring and in anticipation of your birth at the clinic, your 8th month midwife consultation must be carried out by one of the clinic's midwives in order to open your file in our maternity unit, in anticipation of your birth.

Make an appointment at Contact details for midwifery consultation Clinique Les Orchidées 

Anaesthetist consultation

Whether or not you want epidural analgesia, an anaesthetic consultation is compulsory.  

Make an appointment around 31 SA (weeks of amenorrhoea) at Coordinates Anesthesia Consultation Clinique Les Orchidées

It is preferable to request an appointment by email, giving your surname, first name, telephone number and expected due date.

In the event of consultation or hospitalisation, and with a view to pre-admission at 28 weeks' gestation, don't forget to bring along : 
  • Complete maternity file (blood tests, blood group card, ultrasounds, etc.)
  • Identity papers for both parents
  • Family record book and/or proof of early recognition
  • Proof of address
  • Social security card
  • Social security or complementary health insurance certificate
  • Mutuelle card with details of reimbursements (table of cover) 

Pre-admission is carried out from 28 weeks' gestation with all these documents at the Maternity Reception/Secretariat. It is also possible to carry out the pre-admission by sending these documents by e-mail to the Maternity Secretariat, specifying: first name and surname, contact details, due date, declared attending doctor, first name and surname and contact details of the person to be notified (specify the link), and whether you would like a shared room, single room, parental room, etc. 

Stakeholders at your disposal, according to your needs:

The stay:

For anyone with a disability, a consultant is on hand to help prepare their stay at the clinic (contact: 02 62 54 50 40).


In a double or single room according to your wishes and the department's possibilities. If your request for a single room is not met on arrival, it will be as soon as possible. 

Accompanying person : The 2nd parent may accompany you during the day, and may also be accommodated at night in a private, premium or parent/family room. 

In addition to its standard single rooms, the clinic offers two Premium rooms and two or three parental suites. 

The parental suites have a double bed and can accommodate a child under the age of 6 under the responsibility of the co-parent = family room (subject to availability - daily rates on request from the Maternity Secretariat). 


During the stay, your baby stays with you, unless his state of health requires close monitoring (prematurity, phototherapy, etc.). The neonatology team will then provide care. Your essential presence is possible day and night. Kangaroo rooms or Mother-Child rooms are available to promote closeness between the baby and his mother during hospitalization. In some cases (prematurity, etc.) a transfer may be considered to one of the hospitals.


For more information, the referring midwife is at your disposal throughout your pregnancy. You can contact Jessica CHOURAQUI on 06 92 25 54 91.

Car park

Free admission for the father or other carer for the duration of the stay, thanks to a free 7-day pass (= 5 entries/exits/day) renewable if the hospital stay exceeds 7 days.
First 1000 Days Projects

The Women's Family Fertility Unit of the Jeanne d'Arc Clinic is one of the 190 winners of the first 1000 days calls for projects. For more information see our news

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