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SODIA Reunion Dialysis Centers

A pioneer in the field of management of chronic renal failure and dialysis in Reunion, the Dialysis Society opened its doors in July 1985 in Sainte-Clotilde.

In 2003, the dialysis activity in Réunion was partially relocated to the western region, with the aim of bringing the care activity in a heavy center closer to the patients' homes. The Jeanne d'Arc dialysis center therefore opened its doors in 2004.

Today the Dialysis Society has 6 dialysis centers distributed between Reunion and Mayotte.

In Réunion, three dialysis centers are available:

The dilayse centers bring together a staff of 200 health professionals and 8 nephrologists who take care of more than 650 patients.

The Dialysis Company relies on the nephrology and dialysis services of the SELARL for medical supervision, monitoring of your care, compliance with their prescriptions, necessary for your hemodialysis sessions as well as the management of the feasibility files of the transplant. Since 2016, Dialysis Centers in Réunion have been ISO 9001 certified.

Certified A for a period of 6 years in February 2019, Certified ISO 9001, V2014 and nominated for the European Quality International Trophy, and for the Water Trophy

Renewal of ISO 9001 certification in 2022

Dialysis centers in figures

  • 70,000 dialysis sessions
  • 180 staff and 8 nephrologists
  • 68 dialysis stations

Key dates for SODIA dialysis centers

  • 2009: Water Trophy
  • 2014: HAS V2010 certification without reservations or recommendations
  • 2014: International Image and Quality Leadership Award
  • 2015: Europe International Quality Award
  • 2016: ISO 9001: 2015 certified for the treatment of chronic renal failure by hemodialysis
  • 2018: HAS V 2014 without difference
  • 2019/ 2020 / 2021 / 2022: Renewal of ISO 9001 certification

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The booklet is given to the patient as soon as his hospitalization has been decided so that he has the information necessary for the preparation of his stay, his information on the rights of hospitalized persons as well as his duties. In addition to this booklet, the information documents relating to each treatment offer are listed above.

Welcome booklet of the Dialysis Society - Sodia

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To consult the information of the SODIA North Delpra Dialysis Center, click here

To consult the information of the SODIA Oasis Dialysis Center, , click here

To consult the information of the SODIA Ouest Jeanne d'Arc Dialysis Center, click here


SODIA North Delpra dialysis center

  • 2, rue de la Clinique – Immeuble Delpra – 97490 Sainte-Clotilde
  • Phone : 02 62 48 21 35 – Fax 02 62 48 23 88
  • FINESS N°970405411

SODIA WEST Jeanne d'Arc dialysis center

  • 16, rue Jules Ferry – 97420 le Port
  • Phone : 02 62 42 43 70 – Fax 0262 42 43 67
  • FINESS N° 970405452

SODIA WEST Oasis dialysis center

  • 30A avenue Lénine – 97420 le Port
  • Phone : 02 62 42 43 66
  • FINESS N°970410064

Mme Jeanne LOYHER – Regional Director

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