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MAYDIA Mayotte Dialysis Center

A pioneer in the field of management of chronic renal failure, MAYDIA is a private structure open since January 18, 2012 in Mayotte, which is made up of three centers:

  • MAYDIA NORD MAMOUDZOU Dialysis Center, the first center located in the Mayotte Hospital Center: Heavy center - 250 hemodialysis patients
  • MAYDIA SUD M’RAMADOUDOU Dialysis Center in the South at Chirongui near the M’RAMADOUDOU dispensary Medical dialysis unit - 175 hemodialysis patients
  • MAYDIA NORD KAWENI Dialysis Center located in the Kinga center of Kaweni: Medicalized dialysis unit - Self-assisted dialysis - 72 hemodialysis patients

As the community of Mayotte does not have the means to treat chronic renal failure, the MAYDIA Dialysis Centers thus allow patients to benefit from care at their place of residence.

About thirty professionals are involved at all levels of your care: doctors, nephrologists, nursing, medical-technical and administrative teams.
These teams are available to ensure the continuity of care, examinations, accommodation and administrative management of the file.
All of them are involved in a policy of managing the quality and safety of care and allow the care of more than 200 patients each year.

Certified A for a period of 6 years in February 2019

Dialysis centers in figures

  • 23,500 dialysis sessions
  • 3 Nephrologists
  • 57 dialysis stations

MAYDIA Dialysis Center Key Dates

  • 2014: Certified V2010 by the Haute Autorité de Santé without reservations or recommendations
  • 2018: Certified HAS V2014 without deviation
  • 2020: Winner of the 2020 Private Hospitalization Federation Trophies for her project “Private/Public Humanize and secure hemodialysis during Covid19”


The booklet is given to the patient as soon as his hospitalization has been decided so that he has the information necessary for the preparation of his stay, his information on the rights of hospitalized persons as well as his duties. In addition to this booklet, the information documents relating to each treatment offer are listed above.

Dialysis Society Welcome Booklet 



  • Route de l’hôpital – 97600 Mamoudzou
  • Secrétariat  : 0269 62 83 00 – Poste de soins : 0269 62 83 04 – Fax :  0269 62 83 01


  • Rue de la pharmacie – 97620 Chirongui
  • Poste de soins : 0269 62 58 23

MAYDIA NORD KAWENI Dialysis center

  • Centre Kinga bat C - 90 route nationale 1 - 97600 MAMOUDZOU
  • Poste de soins : 02 69 80 20 28

FINESS N°970405411

Mme Jeanne LOYHER – Regional Director

Users' Commission: The secretariat is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and will receive all oral or written complaints and complaints from users.

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