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Your rights and duties

Your rights

Your medical file

Maintaining and access to your file (Laws of July 17, 1978 and March 4, 2002)
Information relating to treatment, care and examinations is collected in a personalized file, partly computerized and the content of which is subject to medical secrecy. The file is kept by the establishment in accordance with the regulations in force (R.1112-9 of the CSP).

Request for medical records (art. L1111-7 and R. 11-2 to R. 1111-9 of the CSP)
In accordance with the law of March 4, 2002 relating to the rights of patients, you have access to the medical information contained in your file by making a request in writing to the director of the establishment.
- The information is available at the earliest 48 hours after your request and at the latest within 8 days.
- If the information is more than 5 years old, this period is extended to 2 months. You can consult your file free of charge on site or request a copy of the documents. Reproduction and postage costs are your responsibility.

Mon Espace Santé

Your discharge documents are now available in Mon espace santé! Correspondence to your GP, prescriptions, operation reports, etc.: to make your healthcare process easier, all the medical documents produced during your stay are now available in Mon espace santé. Mon espace santé is your new digital health record! This secure service offered by the French National Health Insurance allows you to store your medical documents and share your health information with your healthcare professionals.

To activate your account: download the mobile application or go to with your Vitale card. In the "Activate My Health Space" section, you can create your login and password.

Do you have any questions about Mon espace santé or need help activating it? Call 3422 (mainland France) free of charge or meet a Mon espace santé ambassador at a Maison France Services or CCAS near you.


The law of March 4, 2002 regulated the right to information of the patient by the doctor. It concerns the investigations, treatments, preventive actions: their usefulness, their urgency, their consequences, the frequent or serious risks normally foreseeable, the other possible solutions, the foreseeable consequences in the event of refusal and the new risks identified. Your wish to be kept in the dark about a diagnosis or prognosis will be respected, except where third parties are at risk of transmission.

Computing and Freedom

Our healthcare establishments have a computer system intended to facilitate the management of patient files and to carry out, if necessary, statistical work for use by the establishment and the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR.

The legal basis for this data processing is the safeguard of your vital interests, medical research and compliance with our legal obligations.

The controller is the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR, whose address is: GIE CLINIRUN, 127 route du bois de Nèfles, 97490 Sainte Clotilde.

The information collected during your consultation or your hospitalization, will be the subject, unless justified opposition on your part, of a computer recording. This information is reserved for the medical team following you as well as for administrative data, billing services and medical information.

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data (According to article 9 2. a) of the GDPR [European Data Protection Regulation] n°2016/679), you can obtain communication of the data concerning you by addressing the management of this establishment or the DPO (Data Protection Officer) by e-mail:

You may also have the following rights: access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation of processing and portability. If you have given your consent to the processing of your data, you can withdraw it upon simple request from you.

If necessary, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL (

The shelf life of your medical file is 20 years, in accordance with the legal prescription periods. This period begins to run from the date of your last stay or your last external consultation in the establishment.

Any doctor designated by you can also consult all of your medical records. If the latter has a secure messaging service and agrees to receive the reports in this way, your health data will be exchanged by email within the MSSanté trusted space.

If you have a DMP (shared medical file) or a digital health space "My health space", it will be fed with your health data (prescriptions, treatments, test results, medical reports, etc.). hospitalization, vaccination, etc.).

Your identity and the medical information concerning you will be transmitted in your regional medical file in order to improve the communication of information between the various health professionals taking care of you.

Users' right of expression

(art. R 1112-79 to R 1112-94 of the CSP)
If you are not satisfied with your care, we invite you to contact the service manager. If this first step does not bring you satisfaction, you can ask to meet the user representative. You can also send a letter to the Management of the establishment, in order to formulate your comments or your complaints. A response will be sent to you by the establishment after the investigations.

Minor patients, adult patients under guardianship

(art. L1122-2 of the CSP)

Protected adults: If you accompany an adult under guardianship, the guardian must assist or represent him according to the provisions of the Civil Code. We kindly ask you to indicate at the time of the surgical and anesthetic consultation and at the time of admission, these particular measures for the protection of persons. We also ask you to provide supporting documents (guardianship judgment, etc.).
Minors: in the case of a minor under the age of 16, the presence of the parent is essential and an accompanying person must be provided.

Information in the event of treatment-related damage

(art. L 1142-4 of the CSP)
When a patient is the victim of damage attributable to a prevention, diagnosis or care activity, the Public Health Code requires that he has received the information. The patient must be informed by the doctor in charge of his treatment within 15 days of:

  • The circumstances and causes of the occurrence of the damage
  • The actual extent of the damage
  • Potential damage
  • The procedure for expressing dissatisfaction or filing a complaint. This information must be provided during an interview bringing together at least the patient and the doctor responsible for treatment. The information provided to the patient is recorded in the patient's file by a report summarizing the comments made during the interview.

Refusal of care

(art. L 1111-4 of the CSP)
You are free to refuse the care offered. Your doctor will inform you of all the potential risks and consequences of your decision. If you maintain your decision, you will be asked for a document attesting to your refusal. The refusal of care will be recorded in your file.

The trustworthy person

(art. L1111-6 of the CSP)
During your stay, you can designate a person you know whom you trust, to accompany you throughout the treatment and the decisions to be made.

This person will be consulted in the event that you are unable to express your wishes or receive the information necessary for this purpose.
She may also, if you wish, attend medical interviews in order to participate in decision-making that concerns you.

Please be aware that you can revoke this designation or change the terms at any time.

Advance directives

(art. L1111-11 of the CSP)
Any adult person can, if they wish, make a written declaration, called "advance directives", in order to specify their wishes as to their end of life, thus providing for the hypothesis that they would not be, at that time, able to express their will.
These directives indicate his wishes concerning the conditions for limiting or stopping treatment.


(art. L 1111-4 of the CSP)
All staff are bound by discretion and professional secrecy. You can also ask that no indication be given of your presence. To do this, ask at reception.

Well-treatment and ethics policy

(art. L 1111-4 of the CSP)
The management is particularly vigilant in respecting good treatment practices with elderly patients. A well-treatment and ethics policy is in place.
If you yourself are a victim or if you are aware of a situation of elder abuse, you can contact:

Your doctor or paramedical and medical-technical personnel
To the administrative staff of the clinic and institutions (town halls, etc.)
To the ALMA association (Allo Mistreatment of the elderly) which has a role of listening, information, and orientation of the elderly and families (anonymity respected) - Tel. ALMA: 02 62 41 53 48
At your disposal, on the website of the Réunion Departmental Council the guide to aid for the elderly.

Additional elements are detailed by establishment in its welcome booklet, please read it.

Your duties

Deposit of valuables and personal effects

An inventory of your personal effects (jewellery, watches, etc.) is systematically carried out when you are admitted to the clinic. Do not leave valuables unattended. A safe is available at reception. The management declines all responsibility in the event of theft, loss or deterioration of property.

Fire safety

In our establishments, all the regulatory provisions in force in terms of fire safety are respected. Instructions for evacuating the premises are displayed in each room and in the corridors. Staff are regularly trained in incident control. In any situation, it is important to remain calm and follow the instructions of the staff. It is forbidden to use the emergency exits, except in the event of a disaster requiring their use.

Beverages, wines, alcohols and food

The introduction of alcoholic beverages into the establishment is strictly prohibited. During your stay, the staff is trained in the prevention of dehydration and any risk of hypoglycemia. For your nutritional monitoring, it is recommended that you do not consume food other than that served by the staff of the establishment. However, do not hesitate to let him know your needs if necessary. Check with the staff before bringing a meal from outside the establishment.


By ministerial decrees of 19/05/1992 and 15/11/2006, it is strictly forbidden to smoke and vape in the clinic. Contact the nursing staff if you need to be accompanied outside.


For reasons of hygiene, the presence of animals in the establishment is prohibited.

Behavior and living together

Any exchange of goods or money with staff is strictly prohibited. Respect and friendliness between patients and with staff are essential in all circumstances. The health managers are at your disposal if necessary so that you can explain your concerns.

Silence and rest time

Silence is one of the elements of comfort and recovery for patients. It is therefore rigorous. We ask you to use radio and television devices with discretion and to avoid loud conversations. We remind you of the availability of collective spaces and gardens for you and your loved ones.


Any medication in progress must be reported to our teams as soon as you arrive. During your stay, please take the medication prescribed by the doctor of the establishment who is treating you. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor or nurse for details about your treatment and to promptly report any adverse effects encountered. Do not, under any circumstances, take medications other than those given by the nurse.


The clinic has a video surveillance network, in accordance with law 95-73 of January 21, 1995 and authorized by prefectural decree. Access to the elevators is prohibited for unaccompanied children. We remind you that household electrical appliances, with the exception of electric razors, are prohibited in the establishment.

Management of acts of violence

Relationships between caregivers and patients are based on politeness, courtesy, trust and respect. The staff ensures you a quality listening but the respect must be reciprocal. Any physical or verbal aggression towards the staff is liable to legal proceedings (art. 433-3 and 222-8 of the penal code). difficulty, dialogue must always be privileged, in calm and courtesy. The establishments of the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR cannot be held responsible for the bad behavior of the patients, nor of their accompanying persons and reserve the right to call on the police.

The operating rules of your establishments are detailed in your booklets, please read them.

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