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Innovation and Clinical Research

Scientific research is a central element in the development of the healthcare offer. A true keystone of modern “evidence-based” medicine, research (whether fundamental or clinical) improves the health of individuals by developing innovative therapies.

At the scale of a healthcare establishment, the implementation of a research policy makes it possible to improve the health of patients thanks to the creation of a synergy of human and material resources in a highly controlled framework.

Thus, it has been shown in many cohorts that patients included in clinical trials benefit from a prolonged survival compared to patients treated according to current practice (and this regardless of the treatment under study), probably due to a rigorous control of the quality of the follow-up and the proposed therapies.

These dynamics are at the heart of the concerns of our teams. health and more broadly economic and social.

Scientific research in health ensures continuity between fundamental research on the one hand and clinical research on the other. Many disciplines are mobilized: biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biostatistics, epidemiology, medical, economic and social sciences.

This multidisciplinarity involves not only communities of researchers but also many partners or public and private stakeholders.

The creation of the Clinical Research Center (CRC) thus makes it possible to express all the potential available to the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR today.

The Clinical Research Center is organized on a principle of collegiality in the decision-making process, resource management and determination of objectives, as well as in the evaluation of the actions carried out.

2 main governance bodies

The steering committee

  • Promoting the “research culture” within the activity centers
  • Manage and make available the resources necessary for clinical research
  • Develop the scientific, and possibly industrial, valorization of the results of the research undertaken within CLINIFUTUR or with the assistance of CLINIFUTUR, with an evaluation on two aspects: inclusions and publications.

The scientific committee

composed of 15 Practitioners and Researchers, has the following missions:

  • Determine, organize and implement the research program with publication and inclusion objectives by medical specialty
  • Encourage discussion and study groups
  • Organize and lead the monitoring of the research program of the Clinical Research Center.

With TORSKAL, CLINIFUTUR supports Research

The Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR has just acquired a stake in the start-up SAS Torskal, which it previously supported in its research on the evaluation of gold nanoparticles (NP) as radiotherapy potentiators (radioenhancer) and as mediators of hyperthermia by plasmonic phototherapy. These gold nanoparticles are obtained by using the bio-reducing potential of plant extracts from Reunion biodiversity.

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