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Unscheduled care service 

The Unscheduled Care Reception welcomes patients with a category of pathology or ailments.

The care of adults and children is carried out within the framework of:

  • Traumatological emergencies: musculoskeletal injuries (osteoarticular or musculotendinous) such as fractures, sprains, wounds, etc. Other examples treated include the removal of abscesses, plasters and ingrown toenails.
  • Sports medicine
  • Coronary pain
  • Urological assessment


  • 5 traumatology examination rooms, equipped for operational purposes (exploration, trimming, etc.) and equipped with material for restraint (plaster) and wound management (sutures).
  • A medical team comprising 5 experienced doctors (more than 15 years of practice and experience in the creation and development of the Unscheduled Care service at Clinique Sainte-Clotilde) with the necessary skills in traumatology and sports medicine.
  • A healthcare team comprising a nurse and a nursing coordinator and administrative manager
  • The Imaging and Radiology Cabinet (radiography, scanner, MRI, Ultrasound), in the immediate vicinity and permanently accessible during the opening hours of the structure.
  • the medical analysis laboratory.
  • The various specialists in the clinics who provide specialist advice while patients are being treated.

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