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Unscheduled care service Clinique Sainte-Clotilde

The Unscheduled Care Reception welcomes patients with a category of pathology or ailments.

The care of adults and children is carried out within the framework of:

  • Traumatology
  • Sports medicine
  • coronary pain
  • Urological assessment

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Unscheduled care service Les Orchidées Clinic

Since October 4, 2021, a new Unscheduled Care service has opened its doors at Les Orchidées Clinic. It makes it possible to offer a whole new method of local care for the population of the West, in particular that of the municipality of Le Port.

Specialties concerned Unscheduled care

  • Trauma emergencies: musculoskeletal injuries (osteo-articular or musculo-tendinous) such as fractures, sprains, wounds, etc., and/or related to sports medicine. Other examples covered: acts of evacuation of abscesses, paronychia and ingrown nails.
  • Patients with post-operative complications under this specialty


  • 5 traumatology examination rooms, equipped for operational purposes (exploration, trimming, etc.) and equipped with material for restraint (plaster) and wound management (sutures).
  • A medical team comprising 5 experienced doctors (more than 15 years of practice and experience in the creation and development of the Unscheduled Care service at Clinique Sainte-Clotilde) with the necessary skills in traumatology and sports medicine.
  • A healthcare team comprising a nurse and a nursing coordinator and administrative manager
  • The Imaging and Radiology Cabinet (radiography, scanner, MRI, Ultrasound), in the immediate vicinity and permanently accessible during the opening hours of the structure.
  • the medical analysis laboratory.
  • The various specialists at Les Orchidées Clinic who provide specialized advice during the time of patient care, in particular the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Consultations, whose premises are nearby with direct access (medical secretary).

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