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Medical and rehabilitation care

Medical and rehabilitation care (SMR)

Medical and rehabilitation care (SMR) aims to restore the patient's autonomy after surgery, a health accident or during a chronic illness.
To this end, they develop comprehensive care taking into account all aspects of the patient:

  • medical,
  • functional,
  • cognitive,
  • social and psychological;

and this for a large number of pathologies, in adults as well as in children.

Pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system, addictive behavior, the nervous system, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and endocrine system conditions, severe burns, or even related to the specificities of dependence and old age.

They also respond to the resurgence of chronic diseases, or the strong development of certain serious pathologies: Cerebral Vascular Accident, cancers, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, etc., which constitute so many public health issues.

Positioned between short-term hospitalization and the patient's return home or to a medico-social environment, they play an essential role in the fluidity of health care pathways and accessibility to care, key themes of the health law.

The Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR in Medical and rehabilitation care fulfill a wide range of missions, ranging from prevention to the social reintegration of patients, through the provision of Medical and rehabilitation care.

Our Medical and rehabilitation care is also specialized for the elderly with associated pathologies and for people with behavioral problems.

For this, they rely on multidisciplinary healthcare teams, trained in therapeutic education, and on appropriate technical platforms.

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