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Renal failure-dialysis

Kidney failure (dialysis)

The kidney produces hormones and vitamins that are essential for certain functions, such as the production of red blood cells by the bone marrow, the regulation of blood pressure and the maintenance of bone quality. We speak of renal failure when the clearance of creatinine is less than 80ml/min, /1.73 m² of body surface, or when albumin or cells are abnormally present in the urine.

Kidney failure is the consequence of the evolution of diseases that damage the functioning of the kidneys. The body cannot eliminate the waste. It is said to be chronic when this loss of function is progressive and the lesions present in the kidneys are permanent. In many cases, it progresses gradually, over several years. End-stage renal failure is the final stage of chronic renal failure: the loss of kidney function is such that the person's life is in danger in the short term. Thanks to the various possible treatments, it is no longer a disease. deadly. The treatments replace the functioning of the kidneys: this is why they are called “replacement treatments”.

Extra-renal purification techniques

The techniques of extra-renal purification, called Hemodialysis, Hemofiltration, Hemodiafiltration, all make it possible to supplement the renal function, and thus purify the blood of all the toxic waste which accumulates. These techniques also make it possible to control the water content of the body.

This extra-renal purification is done by passing the blood through a filter called a dialyzer, using equipment that produces the dialysis liquid necessary for the purification, which monitors and ensures the electronic monitoring of the dialysis parameters.

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