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Clinifutur, a private health group essential in Reunion, and in Mayotte

A healthcare group committed to serving patients.

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Our history

The Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR, with its experience of more than 30 years in health in Reunion and Mayotte, has been able, throughout these years, to build care offers at the service of patients by adapting to changes in practices and needs.

The activity of its establishments places it among the top 10 French private hospital groups. The Group represents 80% of the reception capacities of the Medicine-Surgery-Obstetrics activities of the private hospital sector on Reunion Island and brings together numerous obstetrical, medical, surgical, Medical and rehabilitation care, addictology and dialysis.

Clinifutur is a committed player in the service of patients and carries out public service missions. We are convinced that health must be taken care of by professionals with a human dimension, who evolve at the forefront of modern technologies, to offer quality care, while respecting the safety of care.

A key player in terms of public health and particularly in the Indian Ocean, major health firsts have often been achieved within its establishments:

  • 1st coronarography
  • 1st kidney transplant
  • 1st FFR (coronary reserve measurement in cardiology)
  • 1st Ligamentoplasty associated with a unicompartmental knee prosthesis
  • 1st care in a day hospital for the elderly
  • 1st baby from Reunion by IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)Etc.

Our values

Because the patient is first and foremost a person, the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR places people at the heart of its values. Everything is done so that users and professionals meet in the values that underpin the group: quality of care, accessibility for all and the human dimension.

Thus, the daily life of the group is based on the following principles:

  • Respect and quality of life for patients and their families
  • Valuation of human resources
  • Valuation of specialists
  • Constant search for excellence and innovation
  • Protection of public health
  • Partnership with the entire hospital and medical network
  • Rigorous management
  • Ethics based on transparency and informed patient consent

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter

Driven by the values of Humanism, Operational Excellence and Innovation, the Groupe de Santé Clinifutur pays particular attention to the impact of its activity on the territories in which it operates. It listens to its stakeholders and implements an action plan to meet their expectations. Our aim is to reduce our environmental footprint, have a positive social and societal impact, and respect human rights.

Charte RSE MAJ 2024

Signature of the Romain Jacob charter

Written in 2014 in Reunion Island under the aegis of the Handidactique association, by and for people with disabilities, with the contribution of healthcare organizations and administrations, the Romain Jacob Charter stands out as a true ethical guide for the access to healthcare for people with disabilities. In this context, it is recognized by the highest national authorities, including that of the President of the Republic, is part of the orientations of public policies carried by numerous laws, and federates more than 7,000 signatories.

For more information:

Our position on Gender Equity

The Group ensures respect for rights such as "taking care" of its values and its corporate culture consists in particular in responding, on a permanent basis, to equality between the jobs held by women and men in all areas. and its forms. The Index of professional equality between women and men assessed through the five items (or three depending on the size of the establishment) below:

  • the pay gap, in particular the maintenance of equity in the representation within the engineering and management functions, which show a more accentuated gap
  • the difference in the distribution of individual increases,
  • the difference in the distribution of promotions (only in companies with more than 250 employees),
  • the number of employees increased on their return from maternity leave,
  • parity among the 10 highest salaries.

The results obtained over the past two years for all the Group's establishments are exemplary and we are proud of them. In complete transparency, the 2022 results are summarized in the table below (Clinique Sainte-Clotilde, Clinique Les Orchidées, Clinique Saint-Vincent, Clinique De la Paix, Clinique Saint-Joseph, Clinique Les Oliviers, Clinique Robert Debré, Centre de dialyse Sodia - Maydia, GIE Cliniservices, GIE Clinirun, GCS Clinipharma).

Result of the calculation of the "equality between men and women" index to be found here

Our Clinic Innov' magazine

Clinic Innov’ was created in June 2017, under the impetus of the founding CEO of the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR, Dr DELEFLIE Michel.

Its objective is to present our group, the establishments and its developments, through their medical and technological news, in particular, but also cross-functional initiatives. Published annually in the amount of 5,000 copies, the magazine reaches a large part of the medical and nursing community of Reunion Island: general practitioners and liberal specialists, nurses and liberal midwives).

Over the years, the magazine has never ceased to "take care" of its appearance, its guiding thread, its diversity... with the help of ever more involved actors! To date, 4 issues have been published, including the latest, marked by the COVID19 health crisis, and which was published at the beginning of this year 2021.

Clinic Innov' N°4 - Jan. 2021 Clinic Innov' N°3 - Jan. 2020
Clinic Innov' N°2 - Déc. 2018 Clinic Innov' N°1 - Jui. 2017

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