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What is the Pharmacy for Internal Use (PUI)

The PUI of the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR is an essential player in the quality and safety of the circuit of drugs and sterile medical devices within and at the service of the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR establishments located in Reunion and Mayotte.

Located on the Clinique Sainte-Clotilde site, it also has storage facilities in Le Port: the PHACLIN logistics warehouse is dedicated to storing and supplying the PUI: medicines and medical devices on a total of 2,784 pallets in 1,300m2 of storage space.

The PUI operates with a team of dedicated professionals comprising : 7 pharmacists, 15 pharmacy assistants, 3 secretaries, 4 warehousemen, 1 logistics manager and 5 logistics operators.

This team works in collaboration with the clinics' various care units and the practitioners who work there. It manages the supply of 10,000 references of medicines, medical devices, prostheses, serums, nutritional supplements and other pharmaceutical items, as well as the production of 2,737 chemotherapy bags.

This organization is an essential link in the health activity of a health establishment.

The Indoor Pharmacy (PUI) of the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR is located on the site of the Clinique Sainte-Clotilde. It is placed under the responsibility of the Managing Pharmacist, Dr MIENNIEL Bruno, who works in collaboration with 6 other doctors in pharmacy.

With the help of pharmacy assistants, administrative staff and storekeepers, and in collaboration with hospital care units and practitioners, pharmacists are responsible for :

  • the quality approach linked to the management of medicines and the correct use of medicines, the supply of medical devices, medicines and narcotics, and contributing to their correct use and safety of use
  • the sterilisation of medical and surgical equipment and the implementation of its quality approach at the Clinique Sainte Clotilde and Clinique Les Orchidées sites
  • the preparation of chemotherapy bags in the Cytotoxic Reconstitution Units (URC) and the implementation of its quality approach on the Sainte Clotilde and Les Orchidées clinic sites

In addition to these functions, pharmacists are also responsible for various vigilance-related organisations:

  • haemovigilance (supervision of transfusion activity and the quality approach linked to the authorization of 2 blood depots
  • pharmacovigilance and medication error,
  • materiovigilance for sterile medical devices,

All of its activities provide the Groupe de Santé CLINIFUTUR establishments with a real range of skills in the pharmaceutical field and make it possible to ensure, in complete safety, the process during all its stages, from prescription to dispensing, but also supply.

Pharmacy practitioners

Our practitioners:

  • Dr Bruno MIENNIEL, Managing Pharmacist
  • Dr Philippe MORVAN, Pharmacist
  • Dr Sophie PENFORNIS, Pharmacist
  • Dr Antoine MORICEAU, Pharmacist
  • Dr Pauline ZELLER, Pharmacist
  • Dr Elodie GIRAUD-VINET, pharmacist
  • Dr Mohamed CHERIFI, Pharmacist

Contact - Find us

Internal Pharmacy (located on level-1 next to the scanner on the Sainte-Clotilde Clinic site): 127, route de Bois de Nèfles – 97492 Sainte-Clotilde

  • Secretariat telephone: 02 62 48 23 82 – 02 62 48 20 39 – 02 62 48 64 49
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Outside opening hours, the on-call pharmacist can be reached by telephone by calling the Clinique Sainte-Clotilde switchboard on 062482020 for any urgent or exceptional request.

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